Monday, March 22, 2010

Morning Pleasures

I woke this morning feeling horny, I woke alone and hungry for a damn good fucking. I reached for my laptop and to Jeremy's blog to gaze at his delicious cock, just looking at the pictures make my juices flow and my pussy lips are quickly swollen. Grinning to myself I place my fingers on my swollen mound, dipping them into the warm wet place and pulling them gently out to rub it over my  clit. Mmmm so very wet. I needed more than my fingers today but what else could I do Jeremy wasn't here to fullfillmyneed. Then I remember a little toy of mine I'd left under the mattress, a yummy bright pink rubber dildo, lovely and flexible and almost an exact replica of my favourite real cock. Just writing those words makes my juices flow and trickle down my legs as I'm typing this!

I reached for is and pulled it out, smiling at it and I asked out loud of it was ready to play LOL! I gave it a kiss and gently pushed it into my mouth, closing my eyes pretending it was really him. Withdrawing it I placed it between my legs and rubbed it over my hot wet pussy covering it in my delicious juices.

I meant to simply tease myself with it by placing it just inside my lips but as I touched myself I couldn't wait and I thrust it inside hard and fast fucking myself until I was at the brink of coming, I slowed the fucking down, calming my twisting body until my breath had calmed. I withdrew the rubber cock and rubbed it between my pussy lips passing over my swollen throbbing clit, my body twitched in delight. Up over my stomach leaving a wet trail as I went, circling my  full breasts, my other hand grabbed at one and dug deep into the flesh delighting at their size and fullness, I'm getting a thrill from large full breasts at the moment and long to have some to play with, to bury my head in and suckle from. I pull at my nipple giving it a firm pinch letting out a little cry as I do so.

The dildo reaches my mouth and I part my lips, darting my tongue over it's head tasting myself, mm it's good. I push the rubber cock into my mouth and suck greedily on my juices, I swap hands and reach down to my needing pussy. Quickly I push two fingers deep inside, stretching my thighs apart and arching my back in pure delight as I fuck my mouth and my cunt, pretending Jeremy is one and he's brought a friend as the other :-).

I feel my orgasm coming and thrash about the bed, I let go of the dildo but hold it in my mouth, I grab and pull at the sheets struggling to breath but loving the sensation. My body is wracked with my climax and I groan in delight, I think about withdrawing my fingers and sucking on them but I'm greedy and simply fuck myself again and I'm rewarded very quickly with another climax.

I take hold once more of the rubber cock and allow myself a few quick breaths before I start the fucking once again, this time my fingers grab and pull at my clit before I start to rub furiously and hungrily desperate for yet more. I imagine the cock in my mouth forcing me to take him, enjoying the pleasure of my imaginary spit roast, of being out of control of my body and my orgasms, of giving pleasure to the delicious cock. My body is aching and moving all over the bed, my legs can't decided whether they should be open or closed and I groan and moan almost chocking on the cock in my mouth, as I finally come the climax is huge, a delightful body rocking and head hurting climax, i have to open my mouth the release the climax from there as well and the dildo falls to the side.

I lay on the bed, throbbing and panting, I can feel the wet sheets beneath me and know that I have squirted much juice over myself, how Jeremy loves it when I squirt, what a shame his face wasn't between my legs ready to lick me dry. I pick up the rubber cock and place it between my legs, I'm sore and stinging but I can't help myself, the picture of Jeremy's head between my legs, bobbing up and down as he licks me before his cheeky smile and shining wet face pop up and grins at me is too much I have to have just one more, just one.

Gently, oh so gently I push the dildo inside, slowly I move the entire length in and out delighting in the feel as my body although well and truly spent responds once again. I'm purring as my body releases a slow and gentle final climax and I lay still in my juices, calming my breath and body down, knowing I'll be throbbing for the rest of the day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


You finally walk through the front door, you've been gone so long your touch is a memory on my skin.

We don't speak, our eyes meet and we are transported back to a different time, a time before. You place your hands on my cheeks and I take a deep gasp, your fingers are charged and the current pores through my body, awakening it and promising it amazing times. Your grip tightens and you pull me to you and at the same time you lean into me.

We kiss, hot hungry kisses, our tongues searching, we daren't breathe we just kiss, you push me back into the wall, it's cold against my back but don't feel it. Our hands become as hungry as our tongues and we rip at each others clothes. I pull your shirt from your pants so I can feel your hot flesh, you body firm to my touch I grab at your skin. It's so good to touch you, I can feel my pussy swelling in my knickers.

You hands find their way equally to my breasts and up my dress, yanking my knickers quickly out of the way you can't wait and your fingers push deep inside me as you bit my neck.

It's too much for me to wait any longer and I came at once on your fingers as I let out a loud hungry moan.

I quickly find the front of your pants and undo them, yanking them over your firm buttocks, I momentarily pause to feel your powerful behind. I grin to myself thankful you have taken care of yourself over the years. Those muscles are about to come in very handy.

You boxers come down just as quickly and I feel for you penis, it's standing to attention, hard and hot, I pull back from your kisses as I need to see it, to gaze at it's hardness, it's glistening tip.

I drop to my knees and greedily take you in my mouth, pushing it further and further in, my hand grabbing for you balls, my tongue darting and licking your helmet. God it's good.

You pull me to standing, I struggle as I want your cock in my mouth, the firm heat feels so damn good and right in there. You push your leg between mine and pull my knickers roughly to the side, you stoop you knees and push your beautiful cock to my push lips, I lift my leg to help your access and then the joy the delight as you push yourself deeply inside me. We both groan and grab at each other. You lift me up and I wrap myself around you as you pound deep and hard and hungry inside me. My body slams against the wall but I'm too hungry to notice, we kiss hard, our breath furious and wanting. I'm cuming I manage to gasp out just before my body is racked with the most beautiful, hot wet orgasm I could wish for. You don't pause as I cum, you thrust harder and I pull at you hair. Again I shout, me too you you moan into my neck and we shudder as one, it lasts and lasts, groaning as you slow your thrusts down to a gentle motion.

Slowly you pull yourself from me and I find my feet back on the floor, I'm dizzy and my legs are like jelly, hot cum is starting to trickle from my happy contented pussy.

We shyly smile at each. I've missed you, we both say.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cum and cum and cum

The other morning jeremy woke early and as always as he wakes I wake also.

His hand crept between my legs before my eyes were even properly open, he pushed my thighs wide apart and plunged fingers deep inside. I felt an instant rush of endorphins and the need to cum. Jeremy must have felt it to for he played my pussy hard his other hand alternating between keeping my legs wide apart or rubbing my clit. His other hand spent the whole time thrusting in and out of my hot wet (very wet) pussy. The orgasm took seconds, it was hard and powerful, my body arching and my mouth dry as I fought to stay quiet. My heart pounded as I fell into the bed but he didn't stop he didn't miss a beat and he thrust his fingers to bring me off again. This time it was a wet one. A delicious spray of cum all over his hand my pussy and thighs.

He groaned and told me I was a good girl. I clawed at his arse and thighs, his firm flesh tight to my touch. I grabbed his cock through his boxers and rubbed it, frantic in my need for it, for his flesh and for my need to cum. I adore the way he pushes my legs open against my natural reflex to shut them as I cum.

After about the 6th hot wet hard orgasm, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't stay quiet. I needed his cock inside me. I needed it now. I pushed him off me and told him to stop, to fuck me now.

He did.

Time Flies

When you're having fun and fun I am having!

That present....well I was reading my friends over at Perfect Marriage and sent the link to Jeremy for their toy. So that was my exciting new toy and I love it!

We tried it out in bed that morning. I love the twinkle in Jeremy's eye as he flicks the switch and sets the buzz between my pussy lips. We've yet to go public but aim to very soon! It feels amazing between my legs, I'm aware of it yet it looks very discreet especially under a tight thong.

Time for fun and games is sparse just now so sex is mainly vanilla. I like to spend times in this 'lull' every so often, it's like regrouping. I remember the times when we first started dating and hadn't had sex yet. i was still a virgin and quite green. Some of the most frantic and horny times were spent fully clothed ;-)

Plan to get back into the swing of things from now on!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A present for you

The door bell went and shocked me out of my sleep, I stumbled down the stairs and opened the door. The postman couldn't speak for a moment, he just stared. I looked down at myself and realised I was dressed in my very short and beautiful blue negligee :-) He lazily handed me the clipboard to sign and I struggled against the sun in my eyes to write my name.

"Thanks " I managed, "I'm going back to bed". I could have sworn he said something.... :-)

Walking up the stairs I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I did look sexy, sleep still held my body, it was warm and flushed, my hair tousled and the strap of my negligee hung off my shoulder. I smiled at my reflection.

Reaching the bedroom I threw the box on the floor and fell back into bed, eager to return to sleep.

"Fucking post," I mumbled.

"Open it", said Jeremy.

"No, I'm too tired." I grumped back to him.

He snuggled up behind me, his warm arms wrapping around my body. He pulled me to him and kissed my kneck and shoulders. His tender touch just perfect and brought a loving smile to my face. His hand reached down between my legs and cupped my mound. Gently his fingers stroked me, just on the outside. I was content in his arms. Loved and safe as always.

"Open the box," he whispered. "I bought you some fun".

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Breaking the journey

Jeremy and I can to drive a long way one evening. I was grouchy and hot and didn't really want to go. It's not often we are alone together in the car and we often use this time to talk about sex and playing, it usually ends up with me playing for him as we drive :-)

We hadn't even left the drive and I was grumping to myself. J told me to shut up moaning and to look in the glove box as he had a gift for me- sweeties I thought! Yum. I was wrong, it was my little dolphin vibrator!

"I want you to use that and make yourself come as I drive", he said.

Of course I stopped moaning! I slipped of my panties and spread my legs placing one foot on the dashboard.

"Well you didn't take much persuading!" he laughed.

Away he drove. I closed my eyes and set to work. Now we live in town so we had to drive past many houses and people on our way out. This just adds to J's adventure :-) I freak a little so by closing my eyes I can pretend they're not there!

My clit quickly became rock hard and I wriggled in my seat, lowing it backwards for further access. I slipped my other hand down around the outside of my thigh to find the juicy entrance of my pussy, I slipped a finger in and moved it around, mmm I was wet and excited. I pulled the finger out and offered it to Jeremy to suck on. His mouth grasped my finger in a vice like clamp and he sucked every last drop of my juices off.

I was working the dolphin well and I was really worked up, my breath was deep and my legs open and wide. But I couldn't make myself cum. This was pissing me off and so Jeremy was not best pleased also.

He suddenly pulled the car into a layby on a country road. He looked at me and said, "Get in the back, now." I climbed over the seats and he joined me. He turned me on to all fours and slapped my arse so hard I screamed. "Next time I tell you to cum, you will cum, is that understood?"

I was shocked and stinging and before I could answer he had thrust his hard cock roughly into me from behind, grabbed me around the waist and fucked me hard. I came straight away. "That's more like it", he whispered in my ear. He pulled out of me and lay down, my breath was quick and I was dizzy with the shock and force of my orgasm, I could feel my juices running down my thigh. Jeremy reached between my legs and felt the juices, "Good girl", he smiled.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

I had a Need

Wanderign around the bedroom naked after my shower I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I look good, tanned and slender, the water droplets sit on my skin and the breeze through the window causes me to stir. My pussy looks swollen from the shower. I have shaven her again and she has become aroused form all the touches and checking.

I walk over to the closet and struggle to lift down the heavy box right at the top. Our toy box. I know exactly what I want. I dig and find one latex glove and the tiny whip with loads of short rubber tassles. Perfect.

I lay on the floor and put the glove on, my legs are spread and I use the whip on the insdes of my thighs. My gloved hand stretches down and finds my pussy, hot and swollen it is already dripping in delight. I start to rub myself, whipping my mound at the same time. God it's hot and it's also difficult, do I concentrate ont he whipping or the rubbing? I don't have to think about it as almost instantly my body tightens and thrashes out a long hard and loud climax.

I'm left laying,panting on the floor, my swollen red pussy is happy.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Well what a lovely welcome back-perhaps I should go awol more often, just for the lovely return :-)

Last night J and I finally had some time together. As with most married people with children and work time alone with any substance is rare. I lay in front of the fire (it's cold here) enjoying the warm flames dancing on my naked body. I was naked and J was sitting on the sofa watching me. He walked out if the room and came back in just his pants carrying a bottle of oil and the tiny whip :-)

I felt my lips swell at the sight. He knelt beside me and turned me onto my tummy. The cold oil trickled on to my back and made me giggle in delight and tickles! His warm strong hands caressed the oil into my skin, his strong powerful hands swished over my body. I felt myself relax into it, the stresses of the day and life melted away at his touch, I felt myself floating into that wonderful subspace of contentment.

J turned me over and did the same to my front, my body melted and I was content and ready for his touch.

Knealing between my legs, I closed my eyes and giggled as I felt the wonderful touch of the whip dance across my body. Slowly it was dragged over my breasts, the swell of my stomach and then down between my legs, there is swished and flicked my mound which was hot and swollen. Jeremy spread my legs wide and grabbed at the flesh of my thighs, all the time the whip was stiring me up. Not once did he whip me with it.

When I was at the pint of bursting and in such need I begged him to take me, to allow me to feel his powerful hard cock inside me. His gentle touch and loving massage had driven me successfully to the point of desire.

We moved to the sofa where I lay back into the soft cushions, he spread my legs and his hot hands touched and caressed me. He opened me up and blew lightly on my clit and down to my softness. I placed my hands on his face and pulled him up to kiss me. Our lips met and we were at once greedy for each other. Hard deep kisses, searching tongues and firm hands. I reached down between my legs and took his hard cock, I wrapped my hand tightly around it and moved it up and down the full length, I then guided it to my entrance and Jeremy pushed himself into me. Oh the delight! We both groaned out loud at the beauty of it, the nerve endings were dancing in joy and at once we thrust hard against each other. I needed to feel him insode me, to feel my pussy being stretched and fucked. At once my juices were flowing and my first orgasm hit hard and quick. I felt the juices spurt out and cover both of us, my breath was short and hard but he didn't stop. I didn't want him to, I matched each of his thrust,digging my nails into his buttocks urging him on.

It didn't take long and again my body tightened, I buried my head into his shoulder and bit f=down on his flesh as another orgasm ripped through my body, the third arrived attached to it's tail.

We fell together, hot and sweaty, tired and in love. Our lips met and we kissed, slower this time, our hands gently exploring each other and our tongues doing the same. Our hips began to move together, we continued kissing and holding. Our thrusts though slow were electirc and I came again.

Jeremy and I separated and we sat next to each other, I snuggled into him and grinned at his dancign cock in front of me. I placed my hand firmly around it. How delicous it felt, all warm and hard yet beautifully moist- my juices. I continued to hold him and caress him, firm even strokes, gradually I felt J's body tighten, his breathing become harder and he hled me tightly to him. On and on I went , up and down his body hard and frantic. When he came it was long and hard, he groaned and groaned and I didn't stop, his hot cum spilt down my hand and onto his stomach, only when he placed his hand on mine did I stop, smile at him and kiss him.